Philippines: Alert level raised – car bomb attempt foiled

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The Philippine Government on the advice of it’s Military and Police have raised Anti-Terrorism alert levels in the country.

Government statements say they have begun to see a pattern of attack attempts and ‘chatter’ indicating that the ASG (Abu Sayyaf Group) and JI (Jemaah Islamiah) may be in the process of attempting retaliatory attacks in the wake of a series of successful operations that have led to confirmation of the deaths of leaders of the insurgent/terrorist groups operating in the Southern Philippines.

One soldier killed as Philippines raises alert
Reuters AlertNet, UK – The Philippines raised its alert level on Saturday in anticipation of possible retaliation from Abu Sayyaf followers after the group’s leader,

Police have foiled a attempted car bombing after the discovery of a car that had been rigged with explosives along a road was inspected and found to contain military grade artillery and mortar shells rigged to a timing device.

It is unclear if the car bomb attempts was foiled before the timer went off by alert forces or if the device malfunctioned in some way leading it to be abandoned.

Philippines halts car bomb attack
Bangkok Post, Thailand – Cotabato City (dpa) – An abandoned car rigged with about 200 kilos of improvised explosives was recovered by police and military operatives in

After nearly five months of continues combat and operations 3 main leaders of the group and 38 militants have been confirmed killed and an estimated number exceeding 100 injured in clashed with the group which has extensive ties to Islamic extremist groups around the world.

However most experts see the loss of leaders, safe-havens, and key supporters turning away from the almost 12 years of Islamic extremist activities as having taken their toll and lost much of the vast island regions support base – as – with a mixture of aid and development programs have had an impact.

Large cash rewards also for information given and innovative tipster programs involving SMS text messaging has led to limited access to towns and developed areas for the ASG and JI fighters.

ANALYSIS-Philippine military has Abu Sayyaf on the run, UK – MANILA, Jan 21 (Reuters) – The death of Abu Sayyaf chief Khaddafy Janjalani will not destroy the Philippines‘ fiercest Muslim rebel group, but a sustained

However, Philippine police and military forces say it is also a dangerous time as supporters of the group growing more desperate to prove they are still a force to be dealt with may attempt spectacular attacks or even suicide missions in revenge for the loss of the groups top leadership.

A high alert status has been ordered and close monitoring of possible soft targets ordered continued in areas where the group has sympathizers.

Officials also stress militants may attempt also to seek revenge by proxy and warned overseas embassies and offices of the Philippine government overseas to be also on heighten awareness for possible reprisals in places JI and ASG operate. Officails see also remants of the ASG become more closely inter-connected to the Indonesian Militant leaders now on the run and hidding with them.

[]”… Indonesian terror suspects Dulmatinand Umar Patek, who are believed to be still on Jolo and couldhelp the militants choose a new leader. They could continue toprovide combat and bomb-making training and link the group withforeign financiers, the military said. …” []

It would not be the first time ASG and  JI brought the conflict in the southern Philippines to other shores. It bacame linked to the battle in Mindanao – On August 1st, 2000 JI extremists bombed the residence of the Philippine Ambassador in Jakarta where the Jemaah islamiah. The move came in reprisal then for attacks versus the camps JI maintained in Mindanao during a 1999-2000 crackdown on Rebel groups in the Southern, Philippines.

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One soldier killed as Philippines raises alert
FACTBOX-Philippines’ Abu Sayyaf militant group
Abu Sayyaf chief dead, Philippine military says

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