Thank You all: Mom’s coming home your prayers worked!

February 13, 2007 at 8:02 am Leave a comment

First of all thank you for your Prayers…

This is for Family and friends to keep everyone up to date – in one area we are happy to report – Mom is coming home today.

But her battle with cancer is just beginning.

Mom is settled and stable her doctors say she can be brought home today to get her ready for her out patient radiation treatments – It is the start of her 8 week long treatment program – to kill the cancer that his slowly strangling her.

Her Nose bleeds, heavy enough to have needed 2 days of blood transfusion have been slowed by the skillful work of Doctors at the Capitol Medical Center.

Her Radiation therapy will be at the St. Luke’s Medical center – Not sure yet what will happen there some more tests have been done to target growths and improve her quality of life. Dr. Dulay is the lead doctor on this phase of her treatment.

Dr. Caro ENT, the lead doctor at Capitol Medical and the team she assembled Dr. Fernandez, Dr Aquino neurologist and Dr. Lukban her cardiologist other doctors those duty specialists who monitored her overnights when the lead doctors were off duty i send all my thanks and prayers to and recomend them highly.

I want to thank Aunt Linda, Aunt Katy, Olga, Chong and Angie, Tania and Jimmy, Helen, Betsy, Bob, and, Uncle Buddy’s, Solomon, Gino whose messages and visits have helped so much I hope all of you could see just how well she is recovering.

I never knew also how many friends in Media and from Palawan have been calling and helping out in many ways.

Some have offered help that has not gotten here yet – but – am sure it will come. I Pray it all works out today – the next round of getting her treatments started and we pray will see her back to her old self soon.

a Sad note has been the U.S. SSA which for some strange reason has a new policy in Manila making direct deposits not possible.because its making seniors over a certain age appear in person at banks – not via direct deposit. I have raised this point with the American Association of the Philippine and people at the Embassy.

It is such a shame this new policy forces people like Mom to be without their benefits when confined in hospital. Its almost criminal and inhumane. But then that’s the Federal Government desision in Washington not a local SSA policy. Thousands of Americans and Fil-Am’s are affected by this poliy whihc in my opinio n is badly thought out.

. thanks to all who have been a big help with her medicines and the bills.

lots of love – and – prayers still needed.

Thank all of your for all your help so far – I hope and pray we’ll be able to get her out today. Each day she stays there add stress to her. I’ll blog her status from time to time – again thank you all for your prayers. together with your help she’s be able to take on this decease and win with Jesus help we pray and your support.

God Bless You All-



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