Philippines War on Terror:Local boots + US Support leading to victories

February 16, 2007 at 3:06 am 1 comment

A rare bit of ‘positive coverage’ highlighting the victories versus terrorist groups in South East Asia has been seen across some western media outlets in the last couple of days. A not-so-popular, media-wise at least look at the War versus terrorism here where it is local communities and troops with international – mostly US financial and technological support taking the fight versus the Al Qaeda backed faction in South East Asia.

[] “… Where US is helping to make gains against terrorism
Christian Science Monitor, MA – By Simon Montlake | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor. PANAMAO, PHILIPPINES – It’s the kind of item that doesn’t show up in defense budget

In Philippines, US making progress in war on terror
USA Today – By Paul Wiseman, USA TODAY. CAMP BAUTISTA, Philippines — Thousands of miles from the bazaars of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, US military forces  

Philippines wants to destroy Abu Sayyaf
Radio Australia, Australia – The Philippines’ government says it wants to destroy the al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group in the south of the country this year. ” []

In Right wing side and view of things it is not the ‘sexy show’ of high profile US forces taking it to the enemy. US forces are here and taking an active role in support mostly in things like training and night vision gear and some very basic laser guided munitions and JDAMS kits are reported – So is the use of US, UK, and Australian cooperation in ELINT or Electronic intelligence – in layman’s terms using gadgets to intercept things like ‘Satcom’ and high volume Web Based chatter and international call traffic inbound and outbound from ‘high value target zones’.  translated into simple English from military ‘public domain’ reports – if say a sat phone or land-line in Eastern Pakistan is calling a sat phone or land-line in Eastern Jolo a lot – it will be noticed.  And the information transfe4red to Philippine authorities to do checks into those events.

Most often mentioned are things like roads, schools, and, ‘Socail projects’ things of that like – one website as i have mentioned before that often covers the fight versus the extremism in Jolo is a local journalism site in the area the Mindanao Times.

It has always been a hard story to sell in the US & UK Media outlets  for many journalists based here in the Philippines because in the increasingly rising sentiment that is Anti-Everything of US Producers and Editors who by – and -large were educated by elitist extreme left of center anti-establishment, anti-government, who in their belief that the role media plays is to be Political antagonists and de-facto unelected ‘oposition’ of all governments policies.

So while more important – than to those i either indifferent and or sceptical media- in the far off places like London or New York who cover events from their perspective – to locals in places like Jolo, Sulu and Isabela, Basilan are the simple fact of the quality of thier lives improving with the efforts to reign in the groups that have caused so many problems for so long. To me as a Journalist whose covered this for over a decade I’ve seen it first hand – go from horrible almost ‘homely’ present situations like remembering the changes on the ground. Before one never saw children playing or people smiling or trying to enjoy their lives – like people sitting at a fountain in a plaza that a few years ago was sea of soldiers and sandbags at night.


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