The thing about small miracles… and how they build hope

February 27, 2007 at 11:15 pm Leave a comment

I started a morning about ten days ago; When I was in complete and total confusion still trying to figure out how I could cope with a huge bill. (By my standards) for my moms medical treatment to get her ready for more treatment for cancer.I woke up with less than 40 bucks and change in my wallet – trying to figure out how to cope with a $2,500 more or less of a bill for hospital care.

I had made an appeal to a local group of Americans who over the last 61 years have helped each other out in the local community of some 200,000 or so Americans and Fil-am’s like myself here.

I got a text message from a social worker and they told me to drop by – what happened next proved to me miracles do happen. I has faxed the hospital bills to the civic group when I dropped by to pick up a loan of assistance for my mom. It was for the full amount on the bill. It left me believing in many things that sincere prayers and faith does lead to answers from God in his own time.

Ok, was not a handout – but – a hand. Something that needed to be repaid. I am stll faced with problems in dealing with the medical costs of trying to get my mom treated for her cancer. But, I have hope – knowing yes – there is a God and he dos listen – so far my mom’s condition as the doctors say has stabilized.

But now comes the daunting fact that while she’s now healthy enough to receive treatment after 16 days in Hospital I still have to somehow cope with – I have faith that somehow someway something will come up to allow me to be able to make it happen.

I know there’s that song they played in the Movie ‘Rocky’ about the little ant and rubber tree plant. tonight I am like that ant – trying to make it versus the mighty rubber tree plant. But I have high hopes – high above I know I can if I have the will to make thos things happen that I myself cannot do – but – with God help anything is possible.

In an earlier post on this blog I wrote about the pain of watching a loved one deal with a dicease and hoped and prayed for a miracle that did come in a way. She is better and now it I who have to deal with being in pain of not being to provide what’s needed to make her better. Sadly medical care is not free or a basic right, perhaps that is one thing I hope someday the world will look upon and decide instead of war and bombs and missiles.

Maybe someday, health care could be and should be a basic right of those in need. Sadly we do live in world where people suffer because of lack of concern for people and more so for corporate profits – so true – so sad – so real.

But maybe someday – someway – somehow that can change. At least I can have that high hope, if anything at least that is what i pray for not only for my own personal problems in caring for one I love – who brought me into this world. But also for others yet to come. Yes, I know dealing with sickness and disease will never be a easy thing for people of this world.

Someday perhaps, somehow, perhaps, someway – faith can move mountains – and people should never give up. Tonight looking at my kids and how they ask me about when their grandmother can tell them stories agian – or when her bandages will come off or when she won’t need a wheelchair anymore – all I can do s write this down in the hope that when she is well. This can serve as a record of how faith, high hopes, and miracle do indeed happen.

Or so I pray….


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