Japan PM Abe a “Liar” – Asia’s Wartime victims

March 7, 2007 at 12:14 am 3 comments

When ever I see a statement trying to deny the atrocities of tho past – having lived my life around people who first hand either saw or were victims of the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy in this part of Asia. I can only agree with the statements of those most abused – young girls forced to service as sex slaves – thousands of japanese troops during the second world war.

[] …” Philippine wartime sex slaves call Japanese prime minister ‘liar
Mainichi Daily News, Japan – 15 minutes ago
MANILA, Philippines — Nearly two dozen elderly Filipino women called Japan’s prime minister “a liar” on Tuesday after he said there was no evidence that … []

In a city like Manila – where along a zone seven miles, mostly Japanese and Korean conscripts acting on orders from Tokyo – abused, raped, and killed over 120,000 people in a rampage of rape and violence that is clearly documented during the battle of Manila alone. A number of orders recovered showed Japan’s leaders called for manila to be obliterated.
Abe lies – he perhaps is not of a generation who suffered the war directly he speaks to a increasingly fashionable sentiment of glorifying those monsters – for lack of better term – but yet what else could describe such actions – the Japanese leaders of that time who carried out policy – after all is said and done -suffered the worst fate they could under the code of Bushido – they in the end surrendered.

they lost… to people they in their own misguided rascal fascism that Japan sought to dominate Asia were built on lies – so hence in denial – Japan will forever bear the stigma Nazi Germany also so bares. That of Losers… whose worst crime is lying to their own people about a past so humiliating no mater what denials are made the truth always will come forward.

PM Abe, who worships those ‘hero’s of the past’ paying respect to ancestors whose actions can only be seen as actions that would in any religion be condemned to a hell of thew unforgiven for their crimes against humanity that they were convicted on – the rape of Nangking, the actions in Singapore, the killings in Manila, all these and so much more leaves but one clear reminder to Asia.

Abe is by his own words a spreading a lie so vile and inhumane to forget that while forgiven in this modern world – in part for the suffering Japan’s defeat cost it’s people – is slapped anew – when it’s leader lies not only to the world but himself and his own awareness and official records prove his statements false.

Indeed – in this case his lie so repeated does not fool anyone for the truth is stornger than the fiction he so seeks to speak.

Yes, the War is over, yes Japan is a ally and friend to most of the world now, Yes Japan helps many of the very countries it sought to conquer, But also, Yes…

Japan lost the War it was started fighting for a brutal military dictatorship that performed more like a South American Junta on steriods – it fought its war with the same vigor it fights in the arena of trade and commerce- yet – it has learned that peace and trade – Democracy and the rule of law – is that truth is something the people deserve- it was lie’s that were able to allow Japan’s military rulers –  on the very basis of lies like this present PM chosen to spread that led to it’s greatest defeat.


Japan to conduct fresh investigation into WWII military brothels
WHDH-TV, MA – Abe’s comments have incensed critics in China, North and South Korea, and the Philippines, who have demanded Japan acknowledge its responsibility.


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  • 1. devildog6771  |  March 8, 2007 at 10:46 pm

    The Japanese, like the Germans, have a history of being a warrior race. Unlike Germany, Japan’s history was filled with “codes” that made honor, shame, and duty a major part of their culture and everyday life.

    Sadly both nation’s were greatly shamed by the war and the atrocities committed by their country. Both made the mistake of hiding their shame.

    In Germany the swazsticker is illegal. The people in Germany tried to hide their shame from their kids. But by failing to tell their kids about their shame, they have made it a time of “past glory” to young Germans. It is a time when Germany was not occupied or split in half; a time when Germany was unified and German science and technology were state of the art. In other words, except for the war and its atrocities, a time of great pride.

    In Japan, they were so ashamed of the atrocities committed that they were not even allowed to be published in their history books. The new Japanese of today really do not know or learn the truth until one of their countrymen or someone else tells them.

    Both peoples have tried so hard to hide their shame over the events of World War II, they are now caught up in their own lies of omission and denial.

    The same thing could happen in America in the reverse if the Black Americans keep on their path. There are many things about our past pre Civil War that are historically tied to that heritage. Those symbols are not reminders of “just” slavery. They represent a way of life long gone. They are symbols of an era long gone.

    If we allow the Black Americans to destroy those symbols they will destroy much more than reminders of slavery. But, they will also remove all reminders that slavery did in fact happen or exist.

    Apologies for past inhumanities will never satisfy all descendants. But, it does give some closure to the past. By the same tokens, to constantly seek redress over past injustices from those long removed from the perpetrators prevents both sides of the injustice to ever heal. Atsome point both sides must learn to go on. Hopefully both will have learned from the experience.

    The most important lesson here is not to deny history or obsess over it. Instead we must accept it occurred, learn from it and not repeat past mistakes. Unfortunately both Japan and Germany have both become victims of their own shame by the mistaken belief that if they try to go on and not repeat the past while denying it happened they can prevent re-occurance of that shameful time. They may very well be setting themselves up for the very thing they want to prevent by denying it happened in the first place.

  • 2. mikeinmanila  |  March 8, 2007 at 11:41 pm


    Thannks for the comment,

    the probelm is Japan’s leaders who do acts that if done elsewhere in the world would bring scorn or even be seen as attempting to justify inhuman acts that occured in that war

    Much of it in fact in violation of the very honor codes of thier own military ‘bushido’ code of honor.

    But time makes people forget the evils of that time till people remind those – who seem to want to glorify them that in that period Japan was in an Axis that indeed was truly evil.

    Not that the Japanese people then had much choice- the elite landed classes and military warlords led the nation of rising sun to sunset of destruction and defeat that do not deserve any shrines or honors.

    let’s hope the world never see’s that kind of rule anew , anywhere.

  • 3. devildog6771  |  March 9, 2007 at 10:24 am

    You are very insightful and forgiving. I admire your grace and your blog. Your comments are right on.


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