Philippines: Under women ‘on top’ – survey

March 8, 2007 at 3:32 pm 1 comment

In this ‘macho’ country of my birth, Women are on top – so says a recent management survey that among the countries of Asia women head a majority of the country’s management posts in both the private and government sector. A leap forard far ahead of China or even Singapore.

One can see that from the President down, many of the top slots in this Asian home Latin machismo – that men are confident enough to realize that women can be on top and enjoy it.

Philippines Emerges Tops For Women In Management Positions, Romania – 1 hour ago
Women in Singapore are lagging behind their counterparts in neighbouring Asian countries in holding senior management positions, while the Philippines
Philippines emerges tops for women in management positions Monsters and
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From my first job in journalism; To today I have worked under women bosses and male ones who were borderline – ‘gender prefernence not biological’ boy are boys and girls are girls whatever they like to play with.

But to think that there is more ‘a more caring’ workplace because of a persons gender might be too simplistic a view.

It often does not depend on gender but on the person in the job in charge. A meglomaniac will be what they are,¬† a heartless human being will be what he or she is, a perso’s attidtudes are influencd by many things. Often schools, How they formulated their values, and what they believe or do not believe in.

At a company I worked for a decade or more some of the most heartless lay-off’s and cut throat firing with a total lack of concern for peoples lives – those decisions I have seen in the stable of what was once considered Asia’s most admired media company have been the most strangely heartless in company run by women in many of the top posts now. So thinking a woman ‘on top’ means a more ‘kinder workplace’ is often a misconception.

Over at their competition the same situation exists but they seem to have more ‘heart’ and care for the employee’s. It has shown in the ratings game – people made a paradigm shift to the more ‘caring network’ a few years back – strangely enough the situation is true across the board rooms of the country. Where companies are better caring towards their employee’s those seem to be the better run and more efficient – than those run by bosses of whatever gender but heartless in their decisions.

Perhaps it is a way those seeking to impress stockholders and owners want to seem more westernized in their approach to things and more aggressive. To cover up perhaps for failings in other areas like raising income levels. By cutting off costs to make them seem more efficient.

Overall though most companies run by women in this country do not- thankfully- follow that model – copying failed biz-models of a heartless corporate workplace with little concern for people who really make things work well.

The numbers do speak well – so far the overall level of corpate gender equality in pay and work skill level is equal in many ways. More often than not it is not gender.

But the person running the show and their own personal training and skills that males thing work well – be it in the private or public sectors.


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  • 1. devildog6771  |  March 8, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    This is an interesting post. I was the first woman in my profession in in 1971 in Washington, D.C.. I was the third woman hired in my company on the whole East coast. My company was the largest in the world at the time.

    I went through “hell” to be lunt. It was felt I was taking a jo from a man who needed it to support his family. So as you can see culture has a lot to do with this topic also. Though there are women in major leadership roles all over the world, there is still a stigma in America about a woman’s ability to lead.

    We are still the “little woman” who may not be strong enough in times of crisis to prevent emotions from getting in the way of our ability to handle the tough decisions, etc.. Ridiculous isn’t it?

    Frankly I have found women to be far more ruthless then men. A further bit of information. In many companies, those men who dominated them from the upper levels on down that owned stock generally left the stock to their spouse. At a given point in time, guess who becomes the dominate stockholders? Strangely, those women remain in the background.

    I am curious about your statement about appearing westernized. I can only assume you were referring to the corporate overhauls by high paid corporate CEO’s making millions to slash work forces and benefits. These corporate practices rarely provide the magic cure companies are looking for.

    Companies survive when they continue to grow by adapting to the changing needs and technology. Those companies also need to be willing to take leading roles in the development of technology.

    There is also an impact from unions. Unions in many cases have helped the workforce by fighting for better hours, benefits, and wages. On the other hand, many companies wind up going broke after the long strikes and continuous demands for wage increases. These unions are in and of themselves a business of sorts that have lost touch with the actual people the represent. They are also dominated by socialist and communists leadership and ideology.


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