Philippine military US aid cutoff: A plot in support of Al Qaeda?

March 13, 2007 at 4:00 pm Leave a comment

The current mood in the US congress at both the house of representatives – and – the US Senate- has seen Political grandstanding, using U.S. domestic politcal issues to dictate conduct in the war versus terrorism – may ceate chaos with allies in the war on terror. If a proposal is adopted to cut off US aid to the Philippines – in an area where there are actual gains versus terroris is madness,

US Congress asked to halt aid to Philippines over extrajudicial
International Herald Tribune, France – 4 hours ago
MANILA, Philippines: The largest left-wing group in the Philippines asked US lawmakers on Tuesday to halt military aid to the country because of a series of
Philippines Wants To Participate In US Congress Probe Of Political All Headline News
Leftist group asks US Congress to withdraw military aid to RP Manila Bulletin
RP to send observers to killings probe in US Manila Standard Today

If the dems do do it -Speaker Pollosi of all people ought to know better – plots versus her own congressional district in the San Francisco Bay Area and her own constituents have been repeatedly foiled by cooperation between US and Philippine forces.

A across the board cutoff would hurt not only the philippine military but the american people as well.

As to the current situation a aid cutoff might very well derail an ongoing peace process that has brought many areas of mindanao to the brink of recovery at least from Al Qaeda backed groups. Also, overall – while the sincerity on the part of Government to seek an end to extra-judicail violence. has raised concern – this path of all or nothing is a cop-out that America can ill afford.

Perhaps – specific oversight over US arms and systems – might be raised if US weapons are seen as part of the problem of extra-judicail killings – but a blanket cut-off would only aid the terrorists in one of the few places where there has been gains in the this global counter insurgency battle versus extremism.


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