Iraqi Insurgents using chemical warfare in Terror attacks…

March 18, 2007 at 9:49 am 1 comment

When the first attacks took place in February, a truck load of chlorine chemicals used for a water purification plant – seemed – accidental as a IED car bomb exploded near the truck seemed to have been the cause.

But once blown up the damage report was not one of those followed closely by media outlets based in Iraq because the numbers of those killed were less than the larger attacks.

So far a half dozen major attacks using chlorine gas has been reported – some say – more have occured but have not been reprted or were not as succesful. In April 1915, chlorine was first used by Germany at the Second Battle of Ypres. A large enough dose could kill, but the gas was easy to detect by scent and sight.

Chlorine bombers sicken hundreds in Iraq
Kansas City Star, MO – BAGHDAD – Three suicide bombers driving trucks rigged with tanks of toxic chlorine gas struck targets in heavily Sunni Anbar province including the office
Chlorine suicide truck bombs injure hundreds in Iraq Ha’aretz

US Military Had Warned of Possible New Chlorine Attacks
KNX1070, CA – Baghdad — The US military says three suicide bombers driving chlorine-laden trucks struck in the Sunni insurgent stronghold of Anbar province,
Chlorine gas sickens 356 in Iraq bombing Ottawa Recorder
Sunni militants disrupt plan to calm Baghdad International Herald Tribune

Those that were not killed on exposure could suffer permanent lung damage.

Bu now after several similar attacks and chlorine or bleach or other chemicals often found used along with thee IED’s themselves brings a scary new phase to the terrorism in the streets of Iraq. The attacks and use of chemicals is not new to Iraq.

Perhaps, the longest modern example of the use of Chemical warfare after World War I was the Iran-Iraq War, in which both armies had a large number of infantry with modern small arms, but very little armour, aircraft or training in combined weapons. The result was very similar to World War I with trenches and chemical warfare used.

But, Two suicide bombings in involving toxic chlorine gas has now been showing it’s effects as 350 people ill in Falluja on Friday, a U.S. military Saturday, noted a smaller bomb attack near Ramadi also released chlorine gas.

Hospitals reported eight people were killed and dozens ill with chlorine gas was released in the two bombings in Falluja, in the western province of Anbar. The attacks mark a campaign by insurgents to use unconventional weapons, after two bombings involving chlorine killed eight people earlier this year. What is scary is the methods and tactics used in Iraq are often seen in other areas where the War of Terror the Jihadi’s use versus civilian soft targets across the globe

One need only remember the bomb factory raided in 2003 in Cotabato City where manuals and a small chemical lab was discovered by a police raiding team. The more these attacks occur in Iraq – the greater danger of technology transfer to others places and more dangerous chemicals that might be used in places and areas that could create the worst kinds of attacks in place il-prepared for these kinds attacks.

Both US and Iraqi forces at the start of the conventional campaign versus the Late Saddam era Iraqi Baathist army were equipped with kits to deal with chemical and biological attacks.


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