US Senate hearings on Philippine killings brings new focus of attention

March 18, 2007 at 6:19 pm Leave a comment

Sen. Barbra Baxor’s hearings into the the spate of political killings continues to stir thing here in these islands. Some in the Philippine Government see the entire hearing process for what it was – a case of domestic political issues in America – by members of the US Congress – to dig, bash, and, criticize those in everything and anything that can splash mud and dirt on the Bush administrations handling of the war. So now feeling the US pressure and the support given to the groups who have been hitting away at the Philippine government.

[…” Continued strong ties between the Philippines and the United States, despite the “transient controversy” arising from the US Senate’s hearings on whether or not to impose cuts on US aid to the Philippines amid the hundreds of unsolved political killings in the country.

“The strategic partnership of the Philippines and the United States remains steadfast and firm, despite the issues that tend to invite transient controversy,” Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said in a statement. …”] Manila Bulletin

Others in some secotrs perhaps not too aware of the current situation might think the probe harm stability in the country and the ‘grandstanding’ all be it a term used more on these shores use about Sen. Boxer’s probe about US interference in what to them is ‘domestic afairs’ is all coming from groups who might feel something strangely out of place.

Most of those who testified before the Senate foreign relations committee chaired by Sen. Boxer are coming from some sectors who more often than not lead protestsagainst the United States – it’s almost strange to see – America’s greatest critics in Asia being given such a treat as to bash the ArroyoAdministration before the US Senate. While the oversight role of the US Senate is afterall most concerned that US Aid might be supporting right wing death squads here – it is ironic – that many of the speakers were those who bash everything happening here – but does underscore that even critics and those who are the mostvehement in opposition to the United States are given an opportunity to air the views they have- such is democracy – such is the right of free speech.

[] “…Welcome Intervention
ABS CBN News, Philippines – general secretary of Karapatan and Eliezer Pascua, general secretary of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, testified. Boxer said, “I don’t
RP-US ties remain strong — Malacañang Manila Bulletin
US Senate Wants Philippines To Take Tougher Action On Political All Headline News …”[]

Now being given such a platform to bash the Philippine and American governments in Washington D.C. the same speakers will most likely be back – protesting and criticizing and in de facto support of both countries enemies soon.

But, it was not the extreme left who hasled the charge to the US congress and European parliment and the UN. But rather church groups – upset over the killings.

[] “… US says Philippines‘ president must do more to stop political murders
North County Times, CA – Barbara Boxer asked John whether the US should link the military aid to improvement in the country’s human rights record. “It’s really important that we do
Delegates urge lawmakers to help stop murders in Philippines
Worldwide Faith News (press release), NY –
Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., was the first conducted by the subcommittee under her leadership, the Senate Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs. … …”[]


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