US Immgration reform:An Apartheid America

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The wording in many of the draft immigration reform laws on family ties and reunification draws a almost direct wording from the former South African Apartheid system of partition. What is clear here is not issues over immigration rights.

what both the US Congress and White house will not admit is – it is a system based on race and the declining majority of white America and the rising number of Hispanics and Asians.

The statement and language if looked in comparison with South Africa of the aftermath of World War Two when the Apartheid laws came into existence..

First see these statement: 

“”I have two problems with it.” Says Democrat Senator Charles Schummer of New York,  “They’re going to bring wage rates down, and after their time is up, they’re probably going to stay in the country.”  

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, “I think we have struck the right balance here. We’re securing our borders. We’re controlling who gets a job on our terms,”

Then see this:

“Apartheid was designed to form a legal framework for continued economic and political dominance by people of European descent. The rules of Apartheid meant that migrants from other areas were legally classified.’

“In practice, this prevented non-white people — even if actually resident in white South Africa — from having a vote or influence.” 

Is it only a matter of time when the USA creates ‘homelands’ or will this ‘reform’ be called what it is really seen as a ‘Legal barrier’ to prevent more coming in?

One story I read has shown opposition coming from groups such as Asian American groups.

“This is a probationary sentence for the 12 million (illegals). If they ever want to become a citizen” – Graham

Beyond illegal immgration plans are in place to prevent or stop the LIFE program to allow family members to eventually cross over and start life in a better place the dream of all new comers to America to have their chance to be part of the dream that is ‘America’.

” Brothers and sisters are not important? Once children reach a certain age, they need not bond with their parents? Eliminating such categories institutionalizes an anti-family message,” – Bill Ong Hing, a professor of Asian American studies at the University of California, Davis.

However –  as with apartheid – It is only a matter of time considering birth rates and the lower numbers of white families and inter-marriage that soon America more likely  will see more of  a ‘Estods Unidos’ than a United States.

One group of Native Americans seeking perhaps more political influence and votes and income is offering a solution that might upset all the plans of congress.

At least four ‘Indian’ tribal groups are looking at sponsoring and allowing residence to those of branches of the same tribal groups from Mexico who have documentation problems.

Ergo – if they are of a same tribe from across the border they are sons and daughters of the same tribe in the USA. Hence legal plans to ‘adopt’ or grant formal membership to those seeking a better life on the other side of the Rio Grnade may actually reside for Millions in the ‘Indian’ Native American ‘Nations’ whose treaties with the USA legal binding documents allow in many cases for reunification and those who fled the Indian wars to rejoin thier tribes in America – so those of Cree, Navajo, and, Apache nations descendants may rejoin those on Indian lands and once certificate of domain is issued they can be issued citizenship documents.

It is ironic considering the most horrific crime of genocide committed by descendants of European  Immigrants has left a loop-hole that cannot be plugged by Washington.

Ariba La Raza it seems migrant Mexicans may if Tribal groups agree find their roots as members of the very Indian tribes driven south of the border over a century ago into Mexico hence agreements not though about dcades ago might give refuge to millions..

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