Al Jazeera does Guam ‘Anti-Bases Story’

July 8, 2007 at 10:31 pm Leave a comment

Al jazeera TV english news channel did a feature on GUAM USA –  – forgetting of course the full address of ‘USA’ in their very strong effort to hit with any chance they get to bash the world with their view of being anti- us military and mostly anti-american editorial policy.

Guam is where America’s Day begins – I spent a number of years growing up on guam- I still have many friends there and few agree with the report – They tell me they doubt there is more than perhaps a two percent figure of Guamanians who might chose any other path – of going its own way as independent country.

But if you watch the Al Jazeera report you get the feeling that Guam is occupied us territory – and there might even be a ‘interfada’ movement growing – it does mention almost in passing that All Guamanians are US citizens – but never calls ‘Guamanians’ Americans. Oh boy… expect a lot of emails in Doha!

the network has – had this tinge on its arab language service – whiz is understandable in the arab world- but- ironic considering most of its shareholders are US citizens and or dual nationals –

The Guam story does go into depth on issues ‘unpopular’ with Guam mainstream media – and does touch a sensitive local issue with Chamorro locals who might be described as a small faction of ‘ultra-Guamanians’  – who increasingly through both intermarriage and immigration are becoming a minority on the island.

But the Al Jeez reports pair of them paints as picture of a Guam that is not the majority view. I was amazed to see how accommodating the US-military was to Al Jeez – access granted at a level that amazed me. Really – Anderson Air Force base flight line video- interviews and coverage that was fair.

T he reporter claimed to have tried to interview Guam’s governor who refused -amazing! to be interviewed. I know few political figures on Guam who refuse a any Chance to be on international TV. Really… I guess they might have been put off by the story. The current US military expansion has been a lifesaver to Guam’s economy – 15 billion dollars – plus another 10 billion in civil works in the pipeline.

Hence I might understand them ‘ducking’ a story on land claims and other issues.

I do agree with two points that need to be raised to the US mainland after all these years as America’s only true outpost in Asia- Guam should of course – if possible should be given make some-more forms of representation  to allow a for a full Guam Congressman who can vote and The long term disenfranchisement of American citizens who have no direct vote for President for Guamanians something long sought and fought for – If Guam is truly now to be America’s Gibraltar in the Asia-Pacific region perhaps some form of new legislation might be sought to allow this. A issue discussed also was the issue of long held local disdain about property taken at the end of World War two never properly compensated for – by the US military – an issue indeed that no one likes to discuss. But needs to be finally settled.

Perhaps someday… But also Al Jeez should be praised for even their half baked story did raise some points that need to be discussed. So kudos for trying – even if in the attempt the network worked hard to find any chord of anti-americanism in perhaps one of the most loyal communities to the flag and country that owes it so much for sacrifices few other American communities have made for so long.


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