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The Philippine National Police led Dept of Interior, “MULTI-AGENCY
INVESTIGATION TASK FORCE” released tonight at 8:30 pm in Manila the
list of names to be arrested in a report dated January 10, 2007,
naming those to be charged in connection with the findings of the Task

“The multi-agency investigating body has recommended the filing of
criminal and administrative charges against 15 persons over the
accidental explosion at the Glorietta 2 Mall in Makati City last
October 19 that killed 11 persons and injured 108 others.”

Stating the Terrorism is not the cause and negligence is the primary
cause of the explosion Fire Officials and Management of the mall and
its maintance staff will be formally charged in court. The report
says, “The investigation has ruled out with finality the terrorism or
bombing theory behind the explosion, noting that no bomb parts or
components of an explosive device were found at the scene; the absence
of a crater at the seat of explosion; no tearing effect on damages; no
soot or blackening of affected areas; no explosive residue in the skin
or clothing of victims and affected areas.” The Official summery of
the report says further.

That In the 41-page report submitted to Dept of ILG Secretary Ronaldo
V Puno, the Multi-Agency Investigation Task Force (MAITF) chaired by
Southern Police District Director, CSupt Luizo Ticman, affirmed
findings, “that the balst at the basement of Glorietta 2 was caused by
metahne and diesel vapor explosion.” The report summery futher quotes
the head of the investigation unit.”The generation and accumulation of
gas became possible due to the negligence of personnel tasked to
maintain the facilities in the basement,” Ticman said.

The MAITF is composed of investigators from the Philippine National
Police, National Bureau of Investigation, Armed Forces of the
Philippines and the Inter-agency Anti-arson Task Force of the Dept of
Interior and Local Government. The MAITF is also provided technical
support by the Dept ofScience and Technology, Dept of Environment
Natural Resources, Dept of Public Works and Highways and some NGOs. In
an audio-visual presentation in Camp Crame today, the MAITF
established that methane accumulated in the mall basement and it
reached its lower explosive limit causing a Methane Explosion.

According to the reports findings, “The Methane Explosion caused the
sudden rise in temperature and build-up of pressure in the basement,
causing the diesel fuel to reach its flash point and allow the
build-up of diesel vapor.” PNP Chief, Director General Avelino I Razon
Jr. noted that the conclusion of the MAITF is consistent with the
findings of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Australian
Federal Police, and the Isreali security experts.  “Since the
accumulation of diesel vapor inside the tank reached its explosive
range, the second xplosion- the Diesel Vapor Explosion, occurred,” the
MAITF report said.

The MAITF recommended the filing of cases for Reckless
Imprudence/Negligence (Gross Negligence) Resulting in Multiple
Homicide, Physical Injuries and Damage to Property against:

1. Engr. Candelario VALDUEZA, Project Engineer of Makati Supermarket Corp.;

2. Engr. Marcelo T BOTENES, Building Engineer of MSC-G2

3. Engr. Jowell VELVEZ, Bldg Administrator of MSC-G2

4. Engr. Arnel GONZALES, Bldg Manager of MSC-G2

5. Engr. Clifford ARRIOLA, Operation Manager of Marchem Industrial
Sales and Services Inc.

6. Joselito BUENAVENTURA, Supervisor, MARCHEM

7. Charlie NEPOMUCENO, MARCHEM Maintenance Personnel

8. Jonathan IBUNA, MARCHEM Maintenance Personnel

9. Juan RICAFORT, MARCHEM Maintenance Personnel

Recommended to be charged for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt
Practices Act (RA 3019), and Administrative Charges for Gross Neglect
of Duty are:

1. SFO4 Anthony GREY, Fire Safety Inspector, Makati City Fire Station

2. SFO2 Leonilo BALAIS, Fire Safety Inspector, Makati City Fire Station

3. FSInsp Reynaldo ENOC, Fire Prevention Officer, Makati City Fire Station

The Bureau of Fire Protection and the DILG-IATF will also file a
separate case for violation of the Fire Code of the Philippine (PD
1185) against the Makati Supermarket Corporation, and the Ayala
Property Management Corporation, including:

1. Engr. Ricardo V CRUZ, Operations Manager of Metalline Enterprises, and

2. Miguel VELASCO Jr., Foreman

Also facing administrative charges for Simple Neglect of Duty is
FCInsp Jose S EMBANG Jr., City Fire Marshall of Makati City.

The Philippines largest property developer, Ayala Land, a unit of
conglomerate Ayala Corp.
released a statement on the PNP led Philippine Government Multi Agency
Task Force findings, “Ayala Land has deep concern over the PNP
findings and vowed to complete its own assessment of what happened on
October 19 at its Glorietta mall in Manila’s financial district of
Makati.” The explosion killed 11 people. Alaya Corporation says, “Our
own assessment shows due diligence and care was exercised in the
maintenance of the basement where the explosion appears to have

The corporation claims that, “conditions in the basement could not
have resulted in the build up of methane and diesel vapor required for
such a powerful blast.” further claiming “We requested the PNP to be
open to investigating all other possibilities. We have shared lab
results from forensic experts we had consulted that indicate that
traces of explosives were present at the site,”

The Philippines largest porperty developer went on to say they,
“Acknowledge the authority of the PNP and the multi-agency task force
as the official investigating body, we are disappointed that the
evidence we have shared appears not to have been considered,” ALI was
not directly affected in the report which focused on the tenant
leasing the basement area for its generators and other items..

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