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RP Critical of Burma represion

Philippine Government statement on Myanmar

September 27th, 2007 · No Comments

Philippine President Arroyo who is with other world leaders in New York attending the annual general assembly meeting has come out with what is one of the few statements by leaders in ASEAN versus the repression in Myanmar.

Most ASEAN leaders – like in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam are borderline countries on human rights issues. By and large while there are problems too here in the Philippines with active insurgencies and some cases of violations.

Most if not all cases that make it the courts do go through the legal process – and – widespread crackdowns like the current one in Rangoon are rare. However, Burma’s rulers often do as the rulers of any dictatorship do and do not pay heed to their own people let alone really listen intently to other leaders in the region.

Privately Philippine officials in Manila speaking on ‘Conditions of Anonymity’ say “China is the key here – and – China can stop the violence in Burma and should. So far its diplomats have been trying, one wonders how long Beijing will cover for the Yangoon Junta which of late has caused a lot of embarrassment and problems for the leaders Beijing.”

[]..Philippine President Arroyo: We call on Myanmar to act in its own best interests to avoid its further isolation and to redeem its democracy without any further delay. We have patiently but persistently advised Myanmar within ASEAN that it must make greater and faster progress toward that goal.
Recent events in Myanmar, therefore, are of concern to the Philippines and to the region as a whole. The Philippines asks the Government of Myanmar to act with the utmost restraint and to take immediate steps to preserve what advances have been made in its roadmap to democracy. Specifically, we ask the Government of Myanmar to now allow all interested parties to take full part in the effort to national reconciliation through peaceful and inclusive dialogue.
This means the release of all those who have been detained and who can contribute to the process of national renewal, including Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi. In addition, we ask that the Government of Myanmar invite the UN Special Envoy for Myanmar, Mr. Ibrahim Gambari, to visit the country as soon as possible.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on Thursday (Sept. 27, New York time) urged the government of Myanmar to release pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and scores of Buddhist monks who have been rounded up for staging protests against the country’s military rulers.

In a statement that she distributed personally to members of the Philippine media at the Waldorf Astoria Towers where she is billeted during her three-day official trip here, the President said freeing Suu Kyi from years of house arrest serves Myanmar’s own best interests and avoid further isolation of the country from the rest of the world’s democracies.

Myanmar is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) along with Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

“Recent events in Myanmar, therefore, are of concern to the Philippines and to the region as a whole,” the President said, and called on Yangon to act with “utmost restraint and to make immediate steps to preserve what advances have been made in its roadmap to democracy.”

She said it was important that all stakeholders engage in a common search for a peaceful resolution of the current unrest in the country and bring about national reconciliations..

“This means,” she added, the “release of all those who have been detained and who can contribute to the process of national renewal, including Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi.”

She also called on Rangoon’s military leaders to invite United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Myanmar Ibrahim Gambari to visit that country as soon as possible to look into the situation there.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi was democratically elected prime minister of Myanmar in 1990 but the military refused to hand over power to her winning National League for Democracy Party. Suu Kyi has been under house address since 1989.

The President will address the UN General Assembly before noon Friday (New York time) as she winds up her official visit to the Big Apple. She is scheduled to head back to Manila Friday afternoon, (New York time).-press release


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Left Coast goes Gaga over Apple spoof ad hitting Hillary

There are several groups – looking at the New Vision of politics that is on the web and powered by YOUTUBE. Here in Asia being bashed on youtube means a political figure is noticed – so a Tube or two even a critical one is still a tube.

To those on the right wing of things who have been bashed and battered for the last few years on google videos, youtube, grouper, and others – the posting of a video versus the demcrats fronts runner seems to bring little more than a shrug and a ‘welcome to the club’ responce.

But to California’s media see’s it as a heracy of sorts a attack on what ‘they’ feel will set things ‘left’ of center anew in the White House and bring back the good old days of ‘Bubba’ back to 1600 Penn Ave.

Already under the influence of a San Francisco speaker and with congress firmly back in the groove – soon some hope on the left the days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll at the white house will be back.

Reading the headlines of west coast papers one sees editors – and reporters – if you want to call them that – putting a huge headline spin and some even seeing grand conspiracy theory over a short Internet video – built on a old apple Macintosh advert from the 1980’s redone with perhaps simple home editing software and recasting Hillary in a ominous role of evil ruler.

Hillary’s Politics are sooo 1984 [Video]
AlterNet, CA – 4 hours ago
A video spoof lays bare the artificiality of Hillary Clinton’s attempt to run her campaign as a one-way “national conversation.”
Who is the person behind the Clinton attack ad?
San Francisco Chronicle, CA – 5 hours ago
(03-19) 17:53 PDT — Just who is “ParkRidge47” – the mystery figure who introduced an Internet political attack ad that has stirred the press and political
Big Sister Clinton (2.0)
New York Times, NY – 5 hours ago
By Patrick Healy. Wondering what this presidential campaign might look like in the world of “Web 2.0” social networking sites?

Obama supporter casts Clinton as Big Brother
Independent, UK – 6 hours ago
By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles. It is the most striking, perhaps most powerful advertisement to come out of the US presidential campaign to date: a

In the advert – which is based on a George Orwell novel about a fictional state of total control – ironically put Hillary – in the mold of ‘ruler’ in total control. Unlikely casting – I mean she couldn’t even keep Bill in check in the governors mansion or the white house – so ruling with a iron fist seems unlikely.

Mystery YouTuber slams Hillary in name of Obama
Boston Herald – By Jesse Noyes. A 74-second ad painting Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in a pale-blue Orwellian light, while praising rival Barack Obama, is making waves on video sharing site YouTube.
The YouTube Effect (Part XIII) Washington Post
Obama fan targets rival Hillary with internet clip (subscription)

Most likely it was some ids class project – a simple cut and past edit using any number of off the shelf software could do it.

In responce the pack of pro-hillarites are out in force and producing the videos to bash the likely suspects. Seems a lot of effort for what might be afterall something put out by Hillary supporters in strange – backlash styled PR campaign used commonly by those seeking sympathy.

Seems this is going to be the YOUTUBE election.

Here in the Philippines this type of thing has been going on for about three years now on youtube and other video sites. I’ve seen an interesting similar clip done showing the current philippine president posted in satire over the movie ‘V for vendetta’ -and other films – redone using a simple screen overlap.

While the Politics of the US is as all politcal throery domeistic in focus – it is interesting to note on YOUTUBE and using spoofs and technology have the Phgilippines on equal or even ahead of the game on youtube political satire.

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Philippines: Under women ‘on top’ – survey

In this ‘macho’ country of my birth, Women are on top – so says a recent management survey that among the countries of Asia women head a majority of the country’s management posts in both the private and government sector. A leap forard far ahead of China or even Singapore.

One can see that from the President down, many of the top slots in this Asian home Latin machismo – that men are confident enough to realize that women can be on top and enjoy it.

Philippines Emerges Tops For Women In Management Positions, Romania – 1 hour ago
Women in Singapore are lagging behind their counterparts in neighbouring Asian countries in holding senior management positions, while the Philippines
Philippines emerges tops for women in management positions Monsters and
Women in senior management: Malaysia ranks No 3 New Straits Times
Poll: Most mainland firms have women holding senior positions China Daily

From my first job in journalism; To today I have worked under women bosses and male ones who were borderline – ‘gender prefernence not biological’ boy are boys and girls are girls whatever they like to play with.

But to think that there is more ‘a more caring’ workplace because of a persons gender might be too simplistic a view.

It often does not depend on gender but on the person in the job in charge. A meglomaniac will be what they are,  a heartless human being will be what he or she is, a perso’s attidtudes are influencd by many things. Often schools, How they formulated their values, and what they believe or do not believe in.

At a company I worked for a decade or more some of the most heartless lay-off’s and cut throat firing with a total lack of concern for peoples lives – those decisions I have seen in the stable of what was once considered Asia’s most admired media company have been the most strangely heartless in company run by women in many of the top posts now. So thinking a woman ‘on top’ means a more ‘kinder workplace’ is often a misconception.

Over at their competition the same situation exists but they seem to have more ‘heart’ and care for the employee’s. It has shown in the ratings game – people made a paradigm shift to the more ‘caring network’ a few years back – strangely enough the situation is true across the board rooms of the country. Where companies are better caring towards their employee’s those seem to be the better run and more efficient – than those run by bosses of whatever gender but heartless in their decisions.

Perhaps it is a way those seeking to impress stockholders and owners want to seem more westernized in their approach to things and more aggressive. To cover up perhaps for failings in other areas like raising income levels. By cutting off costs to make them seem more efficient.

Overall though most companies run by women in this country do not- thankfully- follow that model – copying failed biz-models of a heartless corporate workplace with little concern for people who really make things work well.

The numbers do speak well – so far the overall level of corpate gender equality in pay and work skill level is equal in many ways. More often than not it is not gender.

But the person running the show and their own personal training and skills that males thing work well – be it in the private or public sectors.

March 8, 2007 at 3:32 pm 1 comment

Japan PM Abe a “Liar” – Asia’s Wartime victims

When ever I see a statement trying to deny the atrocities of tho past – having lived my life around people who first hand either saw or were victims of the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy in this part of Asia. I can only agree with the statements of those most abused – young girls forced to service as sex slaves – thousands of japanese troops during the second world war.

[] …” Philippine wartime sex slaves call Japanese prime minister ‘liar
Mainichi Daily News, Japan – 15 minutes ago
MANILA, Philippines — Nearly two dozen elderly Filipino women called Japan’s prime minister “a liar” on Tuesday after he said there was no evidence that … []

In a city like Manila – where along a zone seven miles, mostly Japanese and Korean conscripts acting on orders from Tokyo – abused, raped, and killed over 120,000 people in a rampage of rape and violence that is clearly documented during the battle of Manila alone. A number of orders recovered showed Japan’s leaders called for manila to be obliterated.
Abe lies – he perhaps is not of a generation who suffered the war directly he speaks to a increasingly fashionable sentiment of glorifying those monsters – for lack of better term – but yet what else could describe such actions – the Japanese leaders of that time who carried out policy – after all is said and done -suffered the worst fate they could under the code of Bushido – they in the end surrendered.

they lost… to people they in their own misguided rascal fascism that Japan sought to dominate Asia were built on lies – so hence in denial – Japan will forever bear the stigma Nazi Germany also so bares. That of Losers… whose worst crime is lying to their own people about a past so humiliating no mater what denials are made the truth always will come forward.

PM Abe, who worships those ‘hero’s of the past’ paying respect to ancestors whose actions can only be seen as actions that would in any religion be condemned to a hell of thew unforgiven for their crimes against humanity that they were convicted on – the rape of Nangking, the actions in Singapore, the killings in Manila, all these and so much more leaves but one clear reminder to Asia.

Abe is by his own words a spreading a lie so vile and inhumane to forget that while forgiven in this modern world – in part for the suffering Japan’s defeat cost it’s people – is slapped anew – when it’s leader lies not only to the world but himself and his own awareness and official records prove his statements false.

Indeed – in this case his lie so repeated does not fool anyone for the truth is stornger than the fiction he so seeks to speak.

Yes, the War is over, yes Japan is a ally and friend to most of the world now, Yes Japan helps many of the very countries it sought to conquer, But also, Yes…

Japan lost the War it was started fighting for a brutal military dictatorship that performed more like a South American Junta on steriods – it fought its war with the same vigor it fights in the arena of trade and commerce- yet – it has learned that peace and trade – Democracy and the rule of law – is that truth is something the people deserve- it was lie’s that were able to allow Japan’s military rulers –  on the very basis of lies like this present PM chosen to spread that led to it’s greatest defeat.


Japan to conduct fresh investigation into WWII military brothels
WHDH-TV, MA – Abe’s comments have incensed critics in China, North and South Korea, and the Philippines, who have demanded Japan acknowledge its responsibility.

March 7, 2007 at 12:14 am 3 comments

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