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Body of missing Peace Corps Volunteer found in shallow grave in Ifugao

Philippine National Police, NBI, and amed forces forensic teams are investigating – while none have given formal any statements as of this time as to the cause of death specualtion remains high she may have slipped and fallen while walking on the dry trails which are prone to giving way along the edges in some of the unmarked areas high above the senic rice terraces – Julia Cambells body was discovered per reports at around 3am by a Philippine Army search team. all 399 news articles »


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Ifugao, Philippines: Search on for missing US Peace Corps Volunteer – Reward Offered

The search for a missing peace corps volunteer is ongoing in Northern Luzon – reports say the woman – Julia Campbell, 40, of Fairfax, Va., was last seen on April 8 in the town of Banaue in Ifugao province,- who has been missing for more than five days as of this writing failed to meet scheduled appointments – news agency reports say…

“Embassy security officials and Peace Corps security and local authorities are in that region right now looking for her or finding people who may know where she is,” Embassy spokesman Matt  said. Regional police commander Chief Superintendent Raul Gonzales said at least four teams from the provincial police office have been mobilized for the search, after the U.S. Embassy told them Campbell was missing. He said the directive to conduct the search came from the national police headquarters in Manila.

There has been little information on the major philippine news websites  which seem content to cover things more profitable and politcal at this time of year.

The area is reported to be ‘rebel active’ but in truth is best known as the hassish and marijuana capitol of the Philippines – drug syndicates and locals have long used the remote areas to produce what the US DEA and Philippine PDEA calls a major production area for narcotics  A US embassy press release and information on this insident is below:

Information and Assistance Sought Regarding Missing US Peace Corps Volunteer – Reward Offered

Information and Assistance Sought Regarding Missing US Peace Corps Volunteer - Reward Offered

The United States Embassy in the Philippines is seeking information on the welfare and whereabouts of Ms. Julia Campbell, a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer missing since April 8, 2007. Full story


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Philippines and Singapore top global biz survey for growth

At the Corporate level the Philippines and Singapore have topped a recent survey of growth among the corporate firms increasing in size in 2006. The report carried by many news organizations was a business story I found on the pages of Brunei Times – a very conservative paper based in the Sultanate on Borneo.

[] “…AN international survey shows that the Philippines is among the top 10 countries with the highest proportion of booming businesses.

From the 23rd spot last year, the Philippines catapulted to 8th place this year, indicating the country’s growing share of super-growth companies, according to the Grant Thornton International Business Report.

The report surveyed 7,200 privately held businesses representing 81 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP) and determined which of the respondents are super-growth companies. The survey covered 32 countries, including powerhouses the United States, Germany and Japan, as well as emerging Asian markets like China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. …” [[ THE MANILA TIMES

The figures show the Philippines tied at over 27 per cent corporate growth and among the worlds top in the speed of the rising corporate sector jobs. One can see this on a daily basis in any of Metro Manila’s business districts – the majority of the growth is fueled by investment and renewed spending by people in the rapidly growing BPO or Business Process Outsourcing firms existing in the country.

NBN Teledyaryo on YOUTUBE

While conservative estimate put the figure at around 200,000 new jobs created in the sector in the last year – real figures and part employment levels show the figure to be skyrocketing to a level of above 300,000 jobs in the sector mostly seen for ‘call center work’ but missed out are other higher value services like accou8nting, book-keeping, inventory, sales, and technical functions like website and graphic design. One major advantage continued to be held is the growth level in ‘overnights’ where services are rendered between 6pm and 8am eastern time of the USA where Manila is a perfect 12 hour time shift for overnight work – while London is also another point – with a 8 hour toss in time.

Meaning firms in this 24/7 world of business – are able to be ‘up and alive’ at quitting time – savings on overtime alone – make for huge returns and higher efficiency figures on US shores – it also shows in the same survey – that US firms top the list with 4 of t 10 getting high levels of growth. Partly fueled by Outsourcing which has allowed companies to expand domestic services in other areas.

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Left Coast goes Gaga over Apple spoof ad hitting Hillary

There are several groups – looking at the New Vision of politics that is on the web and powered by YOUTUBE. Here in Asia being bashed on youtube means a political figure is noticed – so a Tube or two even a critical one is still a tube.

To those on the right wing of things who have been bashed and battered for the last few years on google videos, youtube, grouper, and others – the posting of a video versus the demcrats fronts runner seems to bring little more than a shrug and a ‘welcome to the club’ responce.

But to California’s media see’s it as a heracy of sorts a attack on what ‘they’ feel will set things ‘left’ of center anew in the White House and bring back the good old days of ‘Bubba’ back to 1600 Penn Ave.

Already under the influence of a San Francisco speaker and with congress firmly back in the groove – soon some hope on the left the days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll at the white house will be back.

Reading the headlines of west coast papers one sees editors – and reporters – if you want to call them that – putting a huge headline spin and some even seeing grand conspiracy theory over a short Internet video – built on a old apple Macintosh advert from the 1980’s redone with perhaps simple home editing software and recasting Hillary in a ominous role of evil ruler.

Hillary’s Politics are sooo 1984 [Video]
AlterNet, CA – 4 hours ago
A video spoof lays bare the artificiality of Hillary Clinton’s attempt to run her campaign as a one-way “national conversation.”
Who is the person behind the Clinton attack ad?
San Francisco Chronicle, CA – 5 hours ago
(03-19) 17:53 PDT — Just who is “ParkRidge47” – the mystery figure who introduced an Internet political attack ad that has stirred the press and political
Big Sister Clinton (2.0)
New York Times, NY – 5 hours ago
By Patrick Healy. Wondering what this presidential campaign might look like in the world of “Web 2.0” social networking sites?

Obama supporter casts Clinton as Big Brother
Independent, UK – 6 hours ago
By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles. It is the most striking, perhaps most powerful advertisement to come out of the US presidential campaign to date: a

In the advert – which is based on a George Orwell novel about a fictional state of total control – ironically put Hillary – in the mold of ‘ruler’ in total control. Unlikely casting – I mean she couldn’t even keep Bill in check in the governors mansion or the white house – so ruling with a iron fist seems unlikely.

Mystery YouTuber slams Hillary in name of Obama
Boston Herald – By Jesse Noyes. A 74-second ad painting Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in a pale-blue Orwellian light, while praising rival Barack Obama, is making waves on video sharing site YouTube.
The YouTube Effect (Part XIII) Washington Post
Obama fan targets rival Hillary with internet clip (subscription)

Most likely it was some ids class project – a simple cut and past edit using any number of off the shelf software could do it.

In responce the pack of pro-hillarites are out in force and producing the videos to bash the likely suspects. Seems a lot of effort for what might be afterall something put out by Hillary supporters in strange – backlash styled PR campaign used commonly by those seeking sympathy.

Seems this is going to be the YOUTUBE election.

Here in the Philippines this type of thing has been going on for about three years now on youtube and other video sites. I’ve seen an interesting similar clip done showing the current philippine president posted in satire over the movie ‘V for vendetta’ -and other films – redone using a simple screen overlap.

While the Politics of the US is as all politcal throery domeistic in focus – it is interesting to note on YOUTUBE and using spoofs and technology have the Phgilippines on equal or even ahead of the game on youtube political satire.

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As a news producer/reporter for now almost two decades on Television it makes perfect sense to me what the Philippine Daily Inquirer is doing using youtube to post and up-post videos they have on youtube.

It is cost effective, no servers needed and works.

Plus the great views like these!!!!

The Youtube – use by PDI is something that may have come as a necessity. Considering the recent shifts as to each having its own place and base.

But the only problem I see is this… Even just a little more effort in putting a bit more edited and explained content out there. Right now it’s all raw video. nice but unexplained.

It is as easy as it is to put videos on the youtube service. A little touch of editing it could be easily edited a few cut effects a littke bit of a title card or basic kyron or cargen added.

Also avoice over now and then and perhaps just a little bit of production skills training used to improve the stories they post. Videos

C’mon guys? There are so many reporters and producers out there could and need work who could make a little more effective the wonderful steps you have taken to put news on the community sharing networks like this. Myself included many of us would and could do a lot to make this a little more – newsy – but agian great first step guys!

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Asia’s Stock Market Meltdown: Worst drop in 10 years

It has been described as worse than a bad day – a meltdown but not a crash

[]”… A 9 percent slide in Chinese stocks — coming one day after investors sent the Shanghai benchmark index to a record close — set the tone for U.S. trading. Major West European indexes were down by between 2 percent and 3 percent. ..'[]

investors in Europe and the America’s can sweep in though for bargain prices on Asian stocks and save the day or sell all and keep away. China was hard hit but is stabalizing. However for now the markets seems to have been hit by a sell off that is still being studied.


Asia Markets on Wednesday stage biggest falls since 1997 crisis...
China shares stabilize...
DOW DOWN 416...
Cramer: How the System Failed Us Today...
MAG: Did the Drudge Report Help Tank the Stock Market? 

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The thing about small miracles… and how they build hope

I started a morning about ten days ago; When I was in complete and total confusion still trying to figure out how I could cope with a huge bill. (By my standards) for my moms medical treatment to get her ready for more treatment for cancer.I woke up with less than 40 bucks and change in my wallet – trying to figure out how to cope with a $2,500 more or less of a bill for hospital care.

I had made an appeal to a local group of Americans who over the last 61 years have helped each other out in the local community of some 200,000 or so Americans and Fil-am’s like myself here.

I got a text message from a social worker and they told me to drop by – what happened next proved to me miracles do happen. I has faxed the hospital bills to the civic group when I dropped by to pick up a loan of assistance for my mom. It was for the full amount on the bill. It left me believing in many things that sincere prayers and faith does lead to answers from God in his own time.

Ok, was not a handout – but – a hand. Something that needed to be repaid. I am stll faced with problems in dealing with the medical costs of trying to get my mom treated for her cancer. But, I have hope – knowing yes – there is a God and he dos listen – so far my mom’s condition as the doctors say has stabilized.

But now comes the daunting fact that while she’s now healthy enough to receive treatment after 16 days in Hospital I still have to somehow cope with – I have faith that somehow someway something will come up to allow me to be able to make it happen.

I know there’s that song they played in the Movie ‘Rocky’ about the little ant and rubber tree plant. tonight I am like that ant – trying to make it versus the mighty rubber tree plant. But I have high hopes – high above I know I can if I have the will to make thos things happen that I myself cannot do – but – with God help anything is possible.

In an earlier post on this blog I wrote about the pain of watching a loved one deal with a dicease and hoped and prayed for a miracle that did come in a way. She is better and now it I who have to deal with being in pain of not being to provide what’s needed to make her better. Sadly medical care is not free or a basic right, perhaps that is one thing I hope someday the world will look upon and decide instead of war and bombs and missiles.

Maybe someday, health care could be and should be a basic right of those in need. Sadly we do live in world where people suffer because of lack of concern for people and more so for corporate profits – so true – so sad – so real.

But maybe someday – someway – somehow that can change. At least I can have that high hope, if anything at least that is what i pray for not only for my own personal problems in caring for one I love – who brought me into this world. But also for others yet to come. Yes, I know dealing with sickness and disease will never be a easy thing for people of this world.

Someday perhaps, somehow, perhaps, someway – faith can move mountains – and people should never give up. Tonight looking at my kids and how they ask me about when their grandmother can tell them stories agian – or when her bandages will come off or when she won’t need a wheelchair anymore – all I can do s write this down in the hope that when she is well. This can serve as a record of how faith, high hopes, and miracle do indeed happen.

Or so I pray….

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