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Palawan: Oil search may yield up to 450 Million Barrels

A new seismic study of the Australian owned firms lease of Nido Petroleum off the coast of Palawan Province indicates the area may have yield of up to 450 Million barrels of Oil available for the Nido service contract area 54.

PERTH, Australia, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Nido Petroleum is pleased to
announce further updates on the exploration programme of Service Contract
54 (SC 54).
    SC 54 is being evaluated by Nido and Joint Venture partner, Yilgarn
Petroleum Philippines PTY Ltd (Yilgarn) with the focus being placed on two
areas within the permit.
    The first area consists of the technically robust Coron North prospect,
which shows potential for up to 450 million barrels of oil. The recent 3D
seismic interpretation has confirmed Coron North as a strong drilling
    Further technical and commercial analysis will need to be completed
before Coron North is mature for drilling; however Nido and Yilgarn are
very excited by the potential size of the structure.
    Nido's Head of Exploration, Mr. Jon Pattillo says, "Nido is pleased
that the 3D seismic is starting to deliver tangible exploration results, in
particular the Coron North prospect which is developing into an attractive
drilling opportunity."
    Also included in this first focus area is the Princesa lead; the 3D
seismic data has confirmed the presence of the Pagasa turbidite play,
including the large Princesa lead, in the western part of SC 54.
    Nido is confident it will have a positive update on the Princesa lead
once the additional 180km2 3D seismic programme is completed in the third
quarter of 2007.
    In addition the high quality 3D seismic has also uncovered a number of
new leads similar to the Coron North project and Princesa lead. This
provides even greater upside potential within SC 54.
    The second focus area is in the shallow waters of the eastern part of
SC 54. Nido is especially interested in finding new opportunities here
which can quickly be brought onto production to generate early cash flow.
    Initial interpretation of this portion of the permit has identified 24
pinnacle reef structures in less than 120 meters of water. The reef trend
is of particular importance because of its similarity to the producing Nido
oil fields.
    These pinnacle reef structures are possible candidates for rapid
exploitation given the lower drilling and development costs afforded by
shallow waters. Detailed technical and engineering work will be conducted
over the next few months to determine the commerciality of these features.
    Nido's Managing Director, Mr. David Whitby says the results validate
Nido's long-held belief in the prospectivity of the Palawan Basin as a
    "The opportunities currently being evaluated in SC 54 provide Nido with
a significant prospect and lead portfolio from which to select a number of
high quality candidates for drilling in the next sub-phase of the Service

This is good news as on top of this there are already productive fields of natural gas and Oil in the area. Over the last few decades the palawan Oil fields often have not been much more than a trickle onto the world market.

It’s Gas Field however is another story – shame though that island province does not have its own pipeline that might lower costs for electricity in the area. Most if not all of the Gas fields wealth is going to be used to support electrical requirements of metro Manila – using a 2 billion dollar pipeline network that is almost at its completion.

A spur line should have been lobbied for to get more of the Natural Gas onto the mainland of Palawan – but – the powers that be only seem to interested in Metro Manila and the surrodning areas rather than allowing another xone to develop and compete and decongest the already over populated capitol. a shame really considering – chaep power could really be a boon to the ‘Last Frontier of the Philippines”.


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France’s choice:the “Right” path… “Socialists left” out

After Decades of subsidies, high unemployment, a welfare ecconomy, and what some in french socieity see as the long failed attempt at government intervention in too many parts of French life.

The French have chosen more ‘Liberte’ -than- tight controls, but in the same light the electyion does bring a shift to the right… some might see that as less personal freedom – but – that is relative.

While the margin of victory was six per cent it was strong enough to carry consevatives and the right into power in a society long looked upon as a place of

France Set for a New Revolution

New York Sun – 39 minutes ago
By HENRY SAMUEL and HARRY DE QUETTEVILLE. PARIS – France is on course for a right-wing revolution after Nicolas Sarkozy secured an emphatic victory over his Socialist Party rival, Ségolène Royal, last night to become the country’s next president.
News Analysis: Sarkozy election turns new page in French politics Xinhua
Royal’s French presidential dream is shattered Ninemsn
International Herald Tribune – Bloomberg – – New York Times
all 2,182 news articles »

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Patronage Politics blamed: For Political Murders & Mayhem in the Philippines

The 90 day long Philippine election campaign period for the mid term polls for Congressional and local positions has so far resulted in 75 election related murders.

A briefing given by the Philippine National Police (PNP) reported.


</b> Election-related violence cases rise to 108

Saksi: Election-related violence cases rise to 108

» Comelec: Cell phones not barred, just watched

» SunStar: Benguet town ‘loses’ 40 cops to poll duty

» GO to question resolution naming LP as dominant minority

» Poll execs will call which areas to put under Comelec control

» Comelec mulls control over Bantayan Island

» Report: NPAs briefly hold Kampi bets hostage in Agusan Norte

“The PNP, as of May 1 the fatalities included two lawmakers (congressmen), a vice-governor, two mayors, three city councilors, 19 village chairmen and 16 village officials.” Senior Supt. Samuel Pagdilao Jr added that, “Another 32 casualties were supporters of the political candidates or civilians who happened to be in the area when the attacks took place.”.

Police officials however are quick to point out that 75 election related murders however violent this may seem is actually an improvement over past elections. “The number of casualties is still low compared to the 189 reported killed and 279 wounded in the 2004 campaign period”. PNP Spokesman Gen. Pagdilao clarified; overall the situation has improved since the last election.

Partly the decision by the Philippine election commission or COMELEC to place 60 cities and municipalities and two provinces were placed under ‘Comelec control is seen by Police as major reason for the drop in half violent incidents and killings.

Far from Over: 2 weeks till Election Day .

The Philippines Police is at a higher alert level during the election period with assault teams backing up armed police in the streets and mobile and fixed checkpoints spread throughout several areas of COMELEC control.


In part to keep warring political factions with heavily armed bodyguards from clashing, “417 cities and municipalities tagged as areas of immediate concern while 216 cities and municipalities were listed areas of concern.”.

Political clans and Warlord Politics:

In some parts of the Country there are those who still rule ‘warlord style’ a throwback to the 1950’s over parts of the country far from the public eye, In some cases even in urban areas with either private militias of bodyguards or often using, ‘active duty’ Military or Policemen.

To the “private Warriors’ whose pay and lifestyle are augmented by the nearly feudal system of old ‘Politics of patronage’.

But while these groups are often in far flung areas.

It is when rival political groups clash the outcome can be extremely violent. In the Central Luzon Province of Nueva Ecjica, an example of what happens when heavily armed political groups cross paths was displayed the often ugly side of ‘politics of the gun’ at it’s worst.

“The shootout in Jaen, Nueva Ecija between the camps of Nueva Ecija congressman Rodolfo Antonino and former Jaen Mayor Antonio Esquivel left four people dead and 14 more wounded – one of the bloodiest election related incidents this campaign.” Babe Romoldez, a columnist of Philippine Star newspaper wrote in in a Op-Ed piece, ” There’s no question a lot of business activity depends on the result of the elections, but of equal concern is for the process to be perceived as clean and honest. Unfortunately, election-related violence is getting more intense, “

The clash between warring political groups has led led to the deployment of 1,000 combat troops to the province and COMELEC (Commission of Elections) control.

In another election related killing a Mayor attending a complaint haring was gunned down on the streets of the Philippines second largest city of Cebu, while even on the campaign trail – violence has become part of the campaign, “Another violent incident involves San Carlos City, Pangasinan mayor Julian Resuello, who was fatally shot during a rally on Saturday. This further intensified perceptions that election violence is getting out of hand”

Local Government Politcal reform urged:

Political patronage which according to some of the top leaders of major LGU’s is often funded by graft ridden political cronyism and illegal ‘rackets’ that is typical at the local level of Government in areas far from the capitol – and – even sometimes in towns and cities of the major metropolitan zenes.

Barely two weeks remains in the campaign till election day on May 14th, In the last week the violence has escalated with 22 new incidents reported – this coming alongside three active insurgent groups clashes with government forces has led the US, UK, and Australia as well as many EU countries to issue warnings to their nationals living or visiting the Philippines to exercise extreme caution and avoid all Political gatherings.

“It is a cycle that needs to be broken, Political leaders to stay in power are expected by the people to hand out ‘favors’, You need funds to do this – so those not wealthy enough become forced to fund these activities with graft. Which leads to ineffective projects and governance,” A leading local official said on condition of anonymity, “Reforms are needed at the local level of politics too, or in the end it will be warfare every time there is an election as groups battle for control of local economies through political feuds and violence.”

With 75 Dead and 12 days to go and at least another week till winning candidates will be proclaimed the danger of more violence looms of violence is in the air already as political rivals claim victory amidst threats of more violence if their candidates do not win.


Fearless Palace forecast: 8-4 for TU 5/3/2007 4:26:52 AM
COMELEC picks Lakas, LP as dominant parties 5/3/2007 4:26:35 AM
Erap warns of ‘revolt of the masses’ if there is cheating 5/3/2007 2:37:11 AM


PNP concerned by swift rise of election violence

PNP concerned by swift rise of election violence

06:09 AM 05/03/2007

‘The threats of violence echo all the way down line from all sides of the politcal spectrum if they don’t win from the leaders at the top down to the lowest councilor.’ A senior national police official declining to be named told the author, “I’m more worried about what happens after the votes are counted and how that goes – if it goes bad – scenes of violence on large scale in some places might happen.’

Police officials privately fear the worst but say they expect if the polls are credible post-election violence ‘Won’t happen’. One thing is certain, as the frenzied campaign period is nearing climax, expect election-related deaths to soar as the Philippine Political warfare nears the homestretch.

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Philippines: 2 dead in IED blast – victims suspected bombers

Reports from Cotabato City in the southern Philippines indicates two would be bombers were killed police say when the IED they were transporting detonated prematurely on the motorcycle they were riding.

Investigators describe the blast as powerful enough to have shattered windows over a wide area and that there is little left of the two men or the motorcycle they were riding.

Cotabato City has long been known as a center of operations for groups like Jemaah Islamiah, the Abu Sayyaf, and others it is also where in the past authorities say these groups have tested new devices.

  Two bombers killed in Philippines
The Age, Australia – Two men on a motorcycle have been killed in the southern Philippine city of Cotabato when the bomb they were believed to be carrying went off, police say.
Bomb blast kills 2 in southern Philippines
all 20 news articles »

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Philippines and Singapore top global biz survey for growth

At the Corporate level the Philippines and Singapore have topped a recent survey of growth among the corporate firms increasing in size in 2006. The report carried by many news organizations was a business story I found on the pages of Brunei Times – a very conservative paper based in the Sultanate on Borneo.

[] “…AN international survey shows that the Philippines is among the top 10 countries with the highest proportion of booming businesses.

From the 23rd spot last year, the Philippines catapulted to 8th place this year, indicating the country’s growing share of super-growth companies, according to the Grant Thornton International Business Report.

The report surveyed 7,200 privately held businesses representing 81 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP) and determined which of the respondents are super-growth companies. The survey covered 32 countries, including powerhouses the United States, Germany and Japan, as well as emerging Asian markets like China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. …” [[ THE MANILA TIMES

The figures show the Philippines tied at over 27 per cent corporate growth and among the worlds top in the speed of the rising corporate sector jobs. One can see this on a daily basis in any of Metro Manila’s business districts – the majority of the growth is fueled by investment and renewed spending by people in the rapidly growing BPO or Business Process Outsourcing firms existing in the country.

NBN Teledyaryo on YOUTUBE

While conservative estimate put the figure at around 200,000 new jobs created in the sector in the last year – real figures and part employment levels show the figure to be skyrocketing to a level of above 300,000 jobs in the sector mostly seen for ‘call center work’ but missed out are other higher value services like accou8nting, book-keeping, inventory, sales, and technical functions like website and graphic design. One major advantage continued to be held is the growth level in ‘overnights’ where services are rendered between 6pm and 8am eastern time of the USA where Manila is a perfect 12 hour time shift for overnight work – while London is also another point – with a 8 hour toss in time.

Meaning firms in this 24/7 world of business – are able to be ‘up and alive’ at quitting time – savings on overtime alone – make for huge returns and higher efficiency figures on US shores – it also shows in the same survey – that US firms top the list with 4 of t 10 getting high levels of growth. Partly fueled by Outsourcing which has allowed companies to expand domestic services in other areas.

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The Apple Irack

Good well made satire always makes one think – it’s about brands and more of whats in a name there’s also a strong commentary of today’s events as name hints – very well made and interesting.


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YOUTUBE Political Satire: the Red State Update & Faux News

RED STATE UPDATE is something I found surfing eclectically across youtube – which is rapidly turning into the voice and vision of choice for many in the political field across the USA to air and reach out to people directly and make their own commentary.

In some cases all for fun in other cases with a bit of punch.

[ “… Jackie and Dunlap have a conversation with Hillary, discuss Obama’s middle name, and handicap Brownback and Kucinich. Plus, how articulate is Joe Biden? And stick around ’til the end for a special announcement from the Jackie Broyles ’08 Exploratory Committee …”] REDSTATEUPDATE.Com

Another item of note is a cartoon of sorts hitting away at Fox News and the canceled debate in the U.S. that the democrats refussed to attend in Nevada.

There is a lot of spin come election time and obivously as it hits here in cyberspace it shifts and flows across the world.

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