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Tagalog Romance

They’re inexpensive…they’re everywhere…they’re popular!  But cheap and trivial? Well, it’s time to explore what good these local romance paperbacks really have on people, especially women. Maybe thereafter, you won’t be so embarrassed being seen with a copy of them anymore.  By Ron Jalmasco

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Fourth of July

From 1946 to the mid-60’s, the 4th of July was the day that Filipinos celebrated Independence Day, but for the past 40 years, it has been downplayed to a mere Fil-Am, Friendship Day.  But for the American community here, this day marks the two countries’ shared values and vision, remembered as intensely as when they fought their common enemies side-by-side.  Michael Cohen

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FYI Special Report

About a Boy

…who lost his parents at age 5, grew up believing in the same revolutionary cause he knew they left him for… only to discover 20 years later that his parents were tortured and buried alive by their own Communist Party comrades on suspicion of being Deep Penetration Agents. —Winona Cueva


News Feature

One Fine May Day

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Impassioned speeches and slogans filled the streets of Metro Manila and other Philippine cities on Labor Day, as thousands of the country’s work force expressed their frustration over low wages and rising prices of commodities, oil and utility services. —Doris Bigornia.

Environment Feature

Dream River

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It is nice to watch children build their dreams, albeit on sand castles, but to see those dreams fall apart along the banks of a dying river negates the essence of both childlike faith… and dreams. —Ces Vitan

Special Report

The Politics of Oil

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The Philippine oil industry is like a farcical 3-Act play. The characters: three giants, a handful of bit players, and a government that hams up the part to suit the whims of a foreign director. —Winona Cueva


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Lifestyle Feature


Name a favourite spot in the nation’s capital and Baywalk would surely top the list nowadays. This, after the Manila City government did a total make-over of what was once a dimly-lit bicycle lane frequented by shady characters, transforming it into a vibrant park that appeals to people from all walks of life. —Ron Jalmasco


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FYI Health Feature

T’ai Chi

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It need not be a fad to be fit. With stress and unhealthy lifestyles, it still pays to be conscious about one’s health and well-being.

FYI Environment Feature

Nature’s Keeper

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He could have made it as a bigtime businessman, but Toto Malvar chose to follow God’s lead… to go live with His people, nurture them, as they learn to nurture their environment. –By Ron Jalmasco

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    News Feature

    June 1st, 2006Outbound: Around 3,000 Filipinos leave the country every day to work abroad. While government acknowledges that Overseas Filipino Workers are the prime movers of the economy, it is alarmed by the inevitability of a brain drain here at home. —Ces Vitan

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    News Feature

    May 18th, 2006Nursing Ties: Overseas Filipino Workers are often extolled as heroes, but with every cent they remit back home comes an even bigger sacrifice. Save from enduring the difficulties of working away from home, they face the risk of drifting farther from the family they work hard for. –Ces Vitan

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    News Feature

    May 14th, 2006Children of the Revolution: A not-so-uncommon sight during rallies is the big number of children and teens participating—perhaps too young to understand the cause that they, or their elders, are marching for. —Erika Guarino

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